I began doing motion graphics whenI enrolled at Emerson College for my Masters in Visual '&' Media Arts.I started with Autodesk Maya working with modeling, textureing and animation and then creating special effects with particles, fluids, and dynamics. Later I becan working with Adobe After Effects adding depth to my repertoise

Although the majority of my compositions involve traditional orchestral instruments. I am always looking to further incorporate different types of sounds in my work. Whether it is contemporary band instrumentation, synths, or heavily processed vocals., I think ist is important to branch out of a comfort zone and explore not only new sounds but also new ideas of how music should be made, and listened to.

Hello, I am Juan S. Cayamcela and welcome to my website!

Although music has been in my family for over three generations. It was only a hobby of mine as a youth. It wasn't until the 9th grade where daily practice evolved into discover as i grew from self taught pianist to aspiring composer and then more.

At St. Lawrence University, I majored in Music with a concentraion in composition while also taking an interest in Art as well as Government. After St. Lawrence, I enrolled at Emerson College where I pursued my Masters degree in Visual & Media Arts.

Although music is my original passion, I continue to be involved in other areas of creative expression through web design and motion graphics.